Update 2005

Architect turned author Brodsky has finally found the role of his life, being president of the Foundation that bears his name. "There is no greater joy than raising and then giving away money to those in need. It's fun and rewarding," he says.

Realizing how lucky Brodsky has been for not just surviving, but thriving with HIV and brain cancer, he wanted to raise money to help others. He and his wife, Jodi, trotted off to Kenya in 2004 for the first World AIDS Marathon. Though it wasn’t a huge fundraiser it did raise enough money to start construction for a home, the Little Lambs in Nakuru, which will educate and feed 50 orphans.

For 2005, Brodsky is organizing a World AIDS Marathon in Gainesville, Florida on December 4, 2005. That same day there will be an opportunity for non-marathoners to show their support by participating in a 10K race / fun walk. A day earlier there will be a conference / seminar / exhibit celebrating the accomplishments of HIV-positive and cancer survivors. The conference will focus on how is it that some people afflicted with HIV or cancer continue to lead healthy, productive lives and make great stride in the arts, sports and academic world. Doctors, caregivers, and patients will discuss their role in keeping the patient healthy. The highlight of the day will be an art exhibit of HIV-positive and cancer surviving artists. For more information about the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation or the 2005 World Aids Marathon, please visit www.richardmbrodsky.org or www.worldaidsmarathon.com.


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